A Heartfelt Letter to a Married Couple

August 11, 2010


Something sweet but not cloy.  Something heartfelt without being cliche.  Humorous while not using puns.  All that and more is what Skye and I wanted for the letter to Sharon and Dan.

So we sat on my bed, coming up with suggestion after suggestion after suggestion.

And as the night went on, they got lamer and lamer and lamer.

Sharon & Dan (3)

This is the letter we ended up putting in the album.  After abandoning the effort that night, we were forced to write it in emails back and forth during work the next day.  Then I realized I still had all of our excluded letter sentiments.

What better place to preserve them forever than the Internet?

Marriage is like a book.  There’s a protagonist and his sidekick.  Good luck getting to be the protagonist.

People, who need people, are the luckiest people. So lottery tickets now wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Marriage is like an institution.  I mean, it really is an institution. But not like a mental one. Or at least not like most.

The two of you will live happily together is our hope – if not in Zion, at least in an anarchistic Babylon.

Our love for you is like an overflowing river.  Wild.  Untamed.  Sometimes smelly.

Marriage is like war.  There are lots of battle, but for important causes.  Eventually one side must sign a treaty.  Maybe a prenup.  Hopefully no one dies.

You can tell we were writing from the heart,
A Heartfelt Letter to a Married Couple

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