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A Watery Grave

My Mom: …a bridge…

Me: Ugh, don’t even get us started on bridges.

Skye: Yeah, we don’t have one of those car accessories that can break glass easily in an emergency.

Me: So the last time we went to the beach we came up with a whole plan on how to survive driving off a bridge.

Skye: It was right after that tractor trailer accident, so it was on our minds.

Me: And so the moment the car starts to go over, we will immediately being rolling down our own window.

Skye: And since we both will know what to do, there’ll be no need to worry about the other person.

Me: The water pressure would make it too difficult to roll down the windows once we start sinking, so it’s imperative we start rolling them down the moment of the accident, especially in case one or both of us in knocked unconscious in the fall.

Skye: We’ve spent quite a bit of time perfecting our plan.

My Mom: Well, why don’t you roll down the windows before driving over bridges?

Us: Ohh…

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