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"Hidey Ho, Neighbor!" ...said the creepy girl on the Internet.

My name is Megan.

I live in Northern Virginia. Uncomfortably situated between southern Virginia and Washington D.C., I can neither ride a horse nor hail a cab. Though thanks to a few summers spent living in North Africa, I’m not bad on a camel.

Growing up I had many dreams, including becoming a jewel thief, adopting 11 children and morphing into Dolly Parton.

I still have plans to accomplish one of those.

I stalk woodland creatures, accidentally expose myself at weddings and was hilariously mocked in high school.

Welcome to my world.

It’s a little awkward, but I hope you’ll feel at home.



What People are Saying About Best of Fates:

“I think it’s safe to say that you don’t need to put “awkward” in your titles anymore. It’s always implied.”

~Jessica, Alone… With Cats

“…sort of “Sex and the City,”…without sex… or the city!”

~Joanne, @CameSawShopped

About Megan

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FadraN March 23, 2010

I keeping meaning to spend some time looking at your blog. I LOVE the photos and I, too, was a theater geek many moons ago!


Laura May 3, 2010

Just found your blog- I love your writing style! I’ll be back.


Maureen May 3, 2010

Hi there. I’m glad I found you on MC today. You seem like the most fun out of everyone she’s featured so far. I immediately liked your picture because you are outside, and I love outside.


Nichole May 26, 2010

Okay, I’ve been poking around your blog and I think I have an Internet crush on you. Awesome, funny, eclectic site–I love it!

Twitter: CholeJB


Adlena Geraci June 1, 2010

I was doing the one-way-catch-up thing by reading your blog. Oh how I miss you. The cooking section is especially….you. The posts made me laugh and get frustrated just thinking about the whole process all at the same time. Oh Meg-on. Cheers!


Casey June 14, 2010

Love this blog! Just found you. Can’t wait to read more.


nursemyra July 16, 2010

I like foie gras!


sean July 26, 2010

hey cuz i think your blog is cool even though you showed it to me like yesterday at grandmas house but watever u should post about me


sean stanners July 26, 2010

post about me


Brenda August 4, 2010

Just found your blog from Our Front Door…love it! Don’t know what took me so long to make it over here, but now that I’m here, I’m staying.

I also have a groundhog. His name is Big Daddy…it was My Little Friend until….he showed up this spring with….TWINS! AAAANNNDDDD like your Gerald, he is a boy, I am sure of it, I can feel it in my bones.


Melissa August 18, 2010

I really enjoyed wandering through your blog! I’m glad you commented on mine because I’ll be coming back and stalking regularly now. :D


Roo {NiceGirlNotes} September 2, 2010

Hey! What a great blog! I really like your pictures. :)


Tvs Take September 13, 2010

Great blog – Love your humor and pics! Thanks for stopping by, I personally enjoyed the candy comment.


Fire in your eyes September 17, 2010

Took a quick look at your little corner of the internet and it’s cute, really cute :)

I see we share books interest but not so much theatre, I mean I love it but it’s too expensive here in Spain.

Thanks for your comment

PS: People who can laugh at themself and are not afraid to share their most embarassing moments are the greatest ones.



Grace @ Arms Wide Open October 19, 2010

thanks for visiting my blog! you are hilarious!


Erin November 3, 2010

you are HILARIOUS – love your style – will be stalking (in a nice way:)

Thanks for visiting my blog – I feel honored that I caught the attention of someone as talented as you!!!


I'm Erin November 10, 2010

Funny girl!!


Shay December 2, 2010

I literally have been on your page for 5 minutes and I haven’t stopped laughing yet! You’re great!


Megan December 2, 2010

Aw, shucks, thanks.

You’re making me blush.

And I don’t know how to make that emoticon, so I can’t even express it.



mumma boo December 10, 2010

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web! I’m enjoying reading your blog – you have a great style and wit. :)


Megan December 11, 2010

Thanks! I thought “Ghosts of Turkeys Past” was brilliant!


mumma boo December 11, 2010

Thank you! :)


Cheryl December 28, 2010

Stopped by from “Our Front Door” to here more about the jail story…..do tell!! My husband is a deputy so it would be fun to hear it from the other side!


Poetesswug December 29, 2010

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I can see from your photos and your sense of humor that you must be fun to follow! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog…And now I know why you liked my comment about teachers! What kind of teacher is Robby?


Megan December 29, 2010

He’s a music teacher, which is great as that’s his passion! And have no fear – celebrating Christmas isn’t required for enjoyment of pink, sequined hats.

Though it’s possible that does require having a really, really bad fashion sense.


Morgan January 21, 2011

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web! Love your fun and quirky blog–you’re too cute!


Posky January 25, 2011

I don’t care how good of a blogger you are, never give up on your dreams of becoming a jewel thief.


Lance February 7, 2011

Just found your blog because you found my blog. The internets is almost cool like that, sometimes. Looking forward to seeing you blog better me.


Pamela February 14, 2011

Ditto lance’s comment. And I’m nosing around and giggling. My daughter (13) ordered expensive crab cakes at dinner. She refused to eat them. “Why, Sami?” I asked. “Because they’re AWKWARD,” she said. I’ll have to show her your blog. ;-)


Whitney May 13, 2011

So… I was wandering around on your blog as I often do and I just wanted to check in and see how that whole “morphing into Dolly Parton” thing was going. Thought I’d see if there’d been any advancements.

I suppose I could have tweeted this to you but I assumed you’d like a blog comment better.


SuziCate August 26, 2011

This is by far the best “about” section I’ve ever read! Look forward to reading more! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Jonah Gibson September 6, 2011

Thanks for stopping by Days of Living Aimlessly. I appreciate the read and the comment. I like the way you write. It’s engaging and breezy and conversational in a good way. I have to say ‘in a good way’ because normally I’m not that fond of conversations. They often seem to be the launch pad for misunderstanding. Prolly just me. Anyway, I wanted to say that I have always been partial to camels. I think they are beautiful. I never met one. I hear they’re disagreeable. I like that about them too, if it’s true.


Megan September 7, 2011

None of the camels I’ve met have been disagreeable but I assume that’s because I have a way with them – I’m a camel whisperer, is what I’m saying.


paul willis (@sonsothunder) September 20, 2011

I wonder why the word “Meow” is the same in every language?


debby 'baro December 2, 2012

I’m glad to have discovered your blog. You write beautifully and I hope you visit my blog too. Thanks. See you soon!


Emily Dill May 7, 2014

So your blog is really hilarious and I’m glad I’ve found it. You seem to have an awesomely quirky personality and I look forward to reading about lots more awkwardness from you in the future! ;)


Megan May 8, 2014

I kinda want to print out this comment and post it over my bed but will refrain b/c that would probably make people think I’m weirder than they already do.


Emily Dill May 8, 2014

Girl, who cares what people think, blow that quote up big and frame it in GOLD. Lol. Go big or go home.


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