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About Megan

Megan's Funny Face

"Hidey Ho, Neighbor!" ...said the creepy girl on the Internet.

My name is Megan.

I live in Northern Virginia. Uncomfortably situated between southern Virginia and Washington D.C., I can neither ride a horse nor hail a cab. Though thanks to a few summers spent living in North Africa, I’m not bad on a camel.

Growing up I had many dreams, including becoming a jewel thief, adopting 11 children and morphing into Dolly Parton.

I still have plans to accomplish one of those.

I stalk woodland creatures, accidentally expose myself at weddings and was hilariously mocked in high school.

Welcome to my world.

It’s a little awkward, but I hope you’ll feel at home.



What People are Saying About Best of Fates:

“I think it’s safe to say that you don’t need to put “awkward” in your titles anymore. It’s always implied.”

~Jessica, Alone… With Cats

“…sort of “Sex and the City,”…without sex… or the city!”

~Joanne, @CameSawShopped