An Awkwardly #ExcitedFaced Christmas

December 26, 2012

Christmas #ExcitedFace with Cousin Ben!Merry Christmas Cracker Crowns!Annual Robby's Christmas Party photo with Heather!Seeing White Christmas @ the Kennedy Center!

On Christmas Eve I found myself driving my not-quite-having-4-wheel-drive car up a mountain covered in icy slush.

This was relatively horrifying, and made all the more so by the staggering number of cars that had simply stopped in the road, presumably stuck.

Had I known the weather conditions I wouldn’t have ventured out, but I was headed to my mom’s for her annual Christmas Eve dinner with my cousin Ben and Skye and the journey, before leaving, seemed worth it.

I, obviously, survived the trip.

(As did Ms. Dr. Chevy Lumina.)

(I know you were worried.)

But to stop myself from having a panic attack while alone in my car, I kept focusing on what an amazing holiday season this has been.

Despite the fact that I’m still embroiled in moving and painting and discovering I need to throw away oh-so-many things, and that this has resulted in a rather shortened Christmas lead-in and no Christmas tree to speak of, I’ve managed to fit in time spent with all the people I love.

And I have so much to share.¬†Hilariously¬†awkward group photos from Robby’s Annual Christmas Party. Adorable cookie and fudge baking. Presents exchanged and presents given and then taken back to be finished because I’m dreadful at deadlines. And my cousin being the first person to ever call me morbid.

This Christmas really was all about the #ExcitedFace.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

How was your Christmas?

I’d truly love to hear,


An Awkwardly #ExcitedFaced Christmas

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