And Then William Shatner Started Singing (A NYC Road Trip Story)

March 22, 2012

Shatner's World on Broadway NYC roadtrip

Trips to NYC are never complete without a Broadway show.

And Broadway shows are never as exciting as when they reference Star Trek.

(Unless they have glitter and/or dinosaur heads.)

(Nothing tops dinosaur heads.)


So when I saw tickets were on sale for William Shatner’s last performance of his one man show, Shatner’s World, a road trip was required.

Shatner's World on Broadway, New York City Roadtrip Naps

For once, my mom jumped on the NYC day trip bandwagon, allowing the rest of us to sleep on the way.

(We’re crazy fun to be around, obviously.)

(I’m sure her recent decision to never again take a day trip to New York was completely unrelated.)

(Also, how adorable does Lindsey look sleeping?)

(And how unfair is it that you can never say that without sounding creepy?)

(One of the many tragedies of modern life.)

(Along with the lack of soup restaurants on every corner.)

(All a gal wants is some soup, capitalism, why are you falling down on the job?)

Shatner's World on Broadway

Thanks to a terribly early starting time and a shocking lack of traffic, we arrived early enough to leisurely park and eat lunch and stand outside the theatre, taking photo after photo.

(Why, yes, that was quite inconvenient to all the people walking by, how sweet of you to think of them.)

Shatner's World on Broadway

Shatner’s World was sometimes funny and sometimes strange and sometimes a wee bit racist, but it was always Shatner-y.

And, really, that’s why everyone was there.

Well, that, and for the end, when William Shatner started singing.

‘Cause if you haven’t heard that in person, you haven’t truly lived.

In case you were wondering


I am wearing different socks in the first photo

But they’re rather similar


For me

Quite impressive,



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And Then William Shatner Started Singing (A NYC Road Trip Story)

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