Andrews Air Show (USO Volunteering Gone Lazy)

June 5, 2012

USO Mobile gets my #ExcitedFace. And also my where-are-all-the-freaking-people-I'm-bored face.

The USO Mobile Lounge always gets my #ExcitedFace.

Unless it’s over 90 degrees and in the hot sun and we spend all day being approached for water which we’re not allowed to give out at most places because refreshments are sold there.

That situation gets my #AckWhyOhWhyFace.

(Just as expressive, half as happy.)

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case at the Andrews Air Show.

It was my second year helping my mom out and there was so much to see.

Dear Andrews Air Show, I'd like volunteering at you more if you started later. Love, Megan

There were these huge planes you could go inside and poke at.

Which isn’t nearly as exciting as you think it’ll be, because metal doesn’t react to pokes.

(Trust me, I’ve first-hand experience.)

(And a sore pointer finger to prove it.)

Apparently, air shows have flying planes. I always forget that part.

There were the planes that few through the air performing twists and twirls and causing my heart to go thump thump thump.

(In case it wasn’t clear, that was a thump thump thump of fear heartbeats, and not the normal thumping beats hearts experience for traditional blood moving reasons.)

There were dozens of different planes that flew that day, yet my obvious favorite was what I call the Snoopy Plane.

(For obvious reasons.)

Nothing gets my #excitedface like the inside of military aircraft. (I'm a sucker for hard seats and cold metal.)

There were convenient ramps for easy plane access.

Unless you were pushing a stroller.

Nothing’s convenient when you’re pushing a stroller.

(I know that through observation.)

(And a healthy dose of stroller fear.)

Dear USO, if I don't have beads to give away, how can I lure children and their parents wallets to our table? 'Cause my personality doesn't work without props.

But mostly what I saw?

Was a huge empty space in front of the USO’s tables.

We worked Sunday’s event and apparently they’d already given out all the red, white, and blue bead necklaces on Saturday.

And if you can’t lure children with beads, then you can’t pelt their parents with questions on whether they’re familiar with the USO and its work.

And without that, all you’re really doing is making sure your tables don’t blow away.

Well, and Instagramming photos of the planes.

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Andrews Air Show (USO Volunteering Gone Lazy)

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