Anyone Is Welcome For Toasting and Manual Labor

December 5, 2012

I adore my friends. #Cheers

What, exactly, am I painting?

(I assume that’s the thought that raced through your head last night, as you laid in bed, unable to sleep due to your intense curiosity.)

(You should consider a white noise machine that plays whale sounds.)

(I’ve never used one, but always thought it sounded adorable.)

(Especially if you imagine it’s Dory who’s making said whale sounds.)

It’s ’cause I’ve moved!



I’ve also developed a love of toasting photos, so it’s been quite the eventful week.

And, to clarify, by moved I mean haven’t moved yet in any shape or form.

Unless you count painting as moving.

Then I’m knee-deep in moving.

Aka, in painting.

(It’s quite messy, really.)

We decided upon a yellow. Truly, it is a joyous occasion.

But I do force my friends to eat dinner at nightstands while kneeling on a wooden floor, so it already feels like home.

If you’re scared this means more painting posts to come


You are correct,



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Anyone Is Welcome For Toasting and Manual Labor

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