Cookies & Hair & Deer, Oh My!

March 16, 2011



Chocolate chip is my favorite kind of cookie. At least, my favorite kind that isn’t sold by little girls in green.

(Did anyone else just notice the resemblance between Girl Scouts and Leprechauns?)


(Well, you’re missing out.)

Yet the making of chocolate chip cookies leads to my least favorite chore.

Washing dishes.

That’s why, when presented with the opportunity to skip a scrubbing, you should grab it with both hands, clawing frantically to make sure it doesn’t escape.

In other words – who needs spatulas?



I found this photo on my laptop this morning.

I took it to see if you could tell I hadn’t brushed my hair.

Looking at it, you can clearly tell.

But I know myself well enough to be sure there was no post-photo brushing.

So let’s just pretend it looks good, okay?



I have a coworker who’s scared of deer.

Our office is in the woods.

Hence, she believes the deer are watching her – there’s something about their eyes but I don’t pay enough attention to remember.

So it was obviously our duty as her coworkers to foster good relations between her and deer-kind.

Guess Who


The next Recommended Reading will be a video.

I’m somewhat nervous about it, as it turns out I move my mouth funny when I talk.

(Oh, and I have a strange accent.)

(Are you excited already?)

Four random glimpses into my life,


Cookies & Hair & Deer, Oh My!

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