David Hyde Pierce, Star of Frasier, Curtains, and my Heart

September 17, 2010

David Hyde Pierce

I’ve loved many men in my life.

Men I’ve never met.

Men I’ve seen in movies, or on television, or gracing the stage, who hold tiny pieces of my heart.

Yet of all those men, one stands out.

I am referring, of course, to David Hyde Pierce.


David H. Pierce in Curtains

I’d seen David Hyde Pierce as Dr. Niles Crane on Frasier, adored him as Prof. Henry Newman in Wet Hot American Summer, been amused by him as Peter MacMannus in Down with Love.

Yet it wasn’t until I saw David Hyde Pierce in Curtains on Broadway that my love took bloom.

Seeing David Hyde Pierce in Curtains with my mom

I rushed home, having fallen in love with Broadway and musical theatre and David Hyde Pierce, making my mom return with me so I could see it again.

After originating the role of Brave Sir Robin in Spamalot, David Hyde Pierce won the Tony for his Lt. Frank Cioffi in Curtains.


I rushed back up to NYC when he starred in Accent on Youth.

Just his presence in the cast guarantees I’ll see a production, and he never disappoints.

And David Hyde Pierce isn’t just a pretty face.

He endlessly crusades on behalf of Alzheimer’s organizations, a disease both his father and grandfather suffered from.

David Hyde Pierce

Are you worried about the state of my heart?

Fearful of commenting and mentioning David Hyde Pierce is gay?

Don’t worry – once our love overcomes the age gap, the distance problem and his ignorance of my existence, his sexuality will seem a small issue.

I’m taking Aunt Becky’s advice and pulling a John C. Mayer,


p.s.~ Starting at the end of this month, David Hyde Pierce will be performing in La Bete on Broadway, directed by Matthew Warchus, alongside one of my other dear loves, Mark Rylance.  It might cause my heart to explode out of joy, but it’ll totally be worth it.

David Hyde Pierce, Star of Frasier, Curtains, and my Heart

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