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Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant on the Sauce
Big Ben. Westminster Abbey. Kilts. No, wait, that’s somewhere else.

Today I am flying to London.

Before I left, I thought I’d share how to make Eggplant Parmesan.

Eggplant Parmesan – it’s like Chicken Parmesan, but for vegetarians.

Initially I was hesitate towards the eggplant. We were both wary, we’d been hurt before.

Never let past hurt get in the way of new love.

Try the eggplant.

You won’t regret it.

Or maybe you will – I offer no refunds. But try anyway.

Two Recipes

Nothing makes dinner exciting like cooking from two different recipes.

Skye hides her excitement behind fear and confusion.

Step 1. Have someone bring store-bought garlic bread.

Step 2. After placing aluminum foil over an oven dish, spread a layer of vodka sauce on the bottom. Any sauce will work, but vodka is best. Trust me.

Allison at the Stove
Step 3. Slice eggplant into thin strips. Whatever you do, never photograph this step.

Step 4. Dip eggplant into eggs, then breadcrumbs. If you’re more involved in this recipe, you can make your own breadcrumbs. That would be step 3 1/2.
Step 5. Fry eggplants in olive oil. It will go faster if you use more than one tiny frying pan. But have no fear, free labor for such activities are just what friends are for.

Basil in a Tube
Step 6. Add basil to the vodka sauce. I claim no association with the basil that comes from a tube.

Basil in the Sauce
This basil is foreign to me.

Eggplant on the Sauce
Step 7. Arrange eggplant in rows on top of the vodka sauce.
Or better yet, rebel and put the eggplant down any way you want. Eggplant art is all the rage.

Step 8. Do not hesitate to eat some of the eggplant, or even just tear off tiny pieces and eat those. After all, if your friends had arrived earlier, you wouldn’t be starving, so who are they to complain?

Step 9. Cover first layer with mozzarella cheese. Can you tell specific measurements are not required for this recipe?

More Eggplant
Step 10. And now another layer of eggplant. That eggplant just keeps on coming.

More Sauce
Step 11. Let the vodka sauce rain from the sky. Or just put it on top of the eggplant. Your call.

Smoke from the Stove
Step 12. Cook on 350 for about 40 minutes.

Step 13. Take a break in the middle when your kitchen fills with smoke from the incorrect pan used with the garlic bread.
Don’t you love that’s the thirteenth step? I didn’t even plan it.
Yum Yum!
Step 14. Eat up, it’s delicious!

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