Election Day Rocked My Socks: 3 Reasons Why

November 7, 2012


1.Dixieland Musical Accompaniment


I spent election night seeing War Horse at the Kennedy Center.

(It’s majestic and stirring and perfectly done.)

(Also, crushing.)

I spent the intermission at the Millennium Stage, where they had a live CNN feed accompanied by a live Dixieland band.

It was an adorable way to get updates.

Though they still missed the ideal election watching boat.

As not a single crayon was provided for map coloring.

Despite her fear smile, I'm 47% confident Skye enjoyed her surprise birthday flowers and spiky plant delivery.

2. Skye’s Twenty-Six, Y’all!


I don’t know why I thought I could pull off y’all.

Now I just feel all awkward and out of place.


CNN already called the election!

3. The Empire State Building


As you all know, my favorite New York City building is the Chrysler.

Though the Empire State Building is attempting to stage a coup of my affections.

For the election, it lit up its spike based on the electoral count as it came in.


We’ve all, I’m sure, long dreamed of an land where important political societal updates are immediately reflected in classic architecture.


Today is that day.

I’ve never been so proud,


p.s. I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats since my election 2012 post, but have no fear – the eminent domain amendment totally passed.


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Election Day Rocked My Socks: 3 Reasons Why

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