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Gerald the Groundhog


Gerald the Groundhog

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a groundhog.

His name was Gerald.

My life would never be the same.

Gerald the Groundhog

Are You My Groundhog

Gerald, Explored

A Bouncing Baby Groundhog

That Which We Call A Groundhog

Groundhog Twins, Take Two

You Never Know Until You Stalk

Other Woodland Creatures

My love of cuddly creatures who are somewhat concerned with my rabid interest doesn’t only apply to groundhogs – I make time in my schedule for all woodland creatures.

Donald & Ronald & Ken the Ducks

Wiggles the Bunny

Snickers the Beagle

Wilma the Deer

Wilma the Deer, Part II

Wilma the Deer, Part III

Wilma the Deer And Friends

Wilma the Deer Has Twins

Barnabas the Bat

Fred the Squirrel

Yertle the Turtle