Gift Exchange Loser, A Perennial Title

December 30, 2010

Robby's Christmas Party

I stole these cards. We're very, very happy together.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. And Skye gave away a handmade painting at the annual white elephant gift exchange.

Did you read about that? Do it now.

I’ll wait.

Are you back? Great.

Then you know last year Skye’s present wasn’t…popular.

This year we decided early what we were bringing and bought our white elephant presents on Black Friday. We felt confident our gifts would be oft stolen.

Time came for the gift exchange and we gathered in the living room ’round the presents. We drew numbers and laughed and Robby yelled at us to pay attention and we laughed some more and reminisced about how that happens every year.

Then a girl picked up a rectangular box wrapped in blue snowflake paper. She tore open the front and quietly exclaimed “oh my gosh, I don’t want this!”

The present being opened was The Dark Knight in a Batman mask DVD case and the girl misunderstood and thought the present was just a plastic mask.

Though I was on the other side of the room and didn’t hear the original statement, I was in luck because Robby was sitting nearby. He loudly repeated the girl’s statement, yelling “Megan, write that down!”

Apparently everyone had read my last post about the gift exchange and considered this an appropriate sequel.

And they were right.

Though given the anonymity of the gift exchange, none of the other attendees knew the true humor of the situation.

For the gift that produced such disgust?

It was Skye’s.

I just can’t wait for next year,


Gift Exchange Loser, A Perennial Title

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