I Was Most Excited About Virginia’s Eminent Domain Amendment, ‘Cause Obviously

November 6, 2012

Voting line excitement. (And also exhaustion, with a smidgen of hunger.)

For the last presidential election I held a party and it involved maps and coloring and sides, and of all the parties I’ve ever thrown, it might have been one of my favorites.

Today I was going to write a post about said party, aided by the fact that I knew I had a post draft that I was planning to post four years ago.

(If you’re lazy enough to not write something for four years, it’ll be relevant once more.)

(Laziness, you’re awesome.)

Only, I can’t find said draft.

I can only assume I deleted it in some mad clearing-out-my-draft-box rage that showed little foresight for my need to share coloring with the world.

I haven’t abandoned my dream of sharing that post with you, but as I now need to scrounge through external hard drives to locate the photos, I thought I’d show you Skye and me standing in line this morning.

It was long and we surely made it more painful for all the others in it by looking up and reading aloud the proposed amendments and bonds.

(You’re welcome, neighbors.)

And because being in the same building reminded me, you should read about last year and how I shamed myself at my polling station and possibly mis-voted.

As a funny-in-that-way-upsetting-things-often-are-hilarious addendum, last year’s volunteer? Totally lied to me about which sheriff candidate was the incumbent and I voted for the jerk-ier of the pair.

(Borat’s lucky I didn’t see him this time.)

(You know, ’cause I would have whispered angrily to Skye about it.)

But most of all, I want to share with you my Lincoln quote for this week’s Project Life.

You’ll see it when I showcase that week’s pages here, but as that’s likely to be in December (of 2013), I wanted to write it out now.

 “…Let us neither express, nor cherish, any harsh feelings toward any citizen who, by his vote, has differed with us. Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.”

~Abraham Lincoln


It’s one of my best-loved of his quotes,



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I Was Most Excited About Virginia’s Eminent Domain Amendment, ‘Cause Obviously

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