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January 26, 2012

Weekly Movie on Monday

I love Movie Monday.

This is because I need order in my life.

This is because without it, I’m too lazy to ever get out of bed.

(Which reminds me, how heavenly does bed sound right now, right?)

(Oh bed, I long for you.)

(Your fluffy sheets, your old pillows, your random clothes hangers – it’s like heaven, but smaller.)

(The clothes hangers aren’t necessarily there on purpose, but rather as a result of the aforementioned laziness.)

This past Christmas, I gave my Grandma a pile of movies, matched in awesomeness only by their eclecticism.

So now, every Monday, we get together and watch one of the movies.

(Skye also attends.)

(So just pretend she’s in any of these photos.)

(See, it’s like she’s really there.)

(Which she was.)

(So well done.)

Monday Movie

It’s possible my Grandma doesn’t share my love of photographing every action.

(I think it’s because she grew up without owning a camera.)

(Stuff like that really messes with a person.)

(It’s like being an evil Canadian.)

(No, no I won’t let it go.)

(Apparently not, at least.)

Monday Movie

She also has quite a fondness for talking animals.

I don’t know what caused that.

But it might be a sign that in 1920s St. Louis, animals had the ability to speak.

I mean, you never know what could be happening out west.

It’s like a foreign planet.

Especially if there’re talking giraffes.

(Why giraffes?)

(‘Cause they have the most to say.)

(At least that I’d want to hear.)

Monday Movie

She’s clearly thrilled with Movie Mondays.

As anyone would be, when a weekly activity is forced upon them as part of a present.

Plus, I gave her a Donkey Chia Pet, so it’s not like she can complain.

Monday Movie

Not that she gives the Movie Monday photo shoot the reverence it clearly deserves.

Though in her defense, she does have a strong fear of flying and I bought her a movie about a plane that almost crashes.

(In my defense, I totally didn’t get that from the cover.)

(Really, it’s inscrutable.)

(And entirely possible it’s going to be a movie about tying small rubber figurines into knots.)

(Which sounds thrilling, personally, so if any screenwriters are listening, you’re welcome.)

Monday Movie

I have found a photo shoot dilemma solution.

I keep saying weird things to trick her into laughing.

And if that’s not the essence of photography, I don’t know what is.

My grandma’s awesome

Not just because she’s fabulously awkward

(And by that, I mean creepily into Skye),


Movie Monday – Grandma & Me

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