My Grandma & My Best Friend

May 25, 2010


My grandma has no filter.


Which means that pretty much every conversation you have with her will be awesome.

My favorite occurred a couple of years ago, after returning home from a summer in Tunisia with Skye.  My grandma and I were at my Uncle Bob’s house, where I was telling everybody a hilarious story involving an allergy card.  As I referenced Skye, my grandma interrupted, turning towards Uncle Bob as though letting him in on an important point.

“Oh, Skye is just beautiful, you should see her, she’s just gorgeous.”

My Uncle Bob is unfailingly polite, so looked over at my grandma, smiled and responded, “your granddaughter’s quite pretty too.”

Grandma looked back at him, hesitated for an instant, then insistently responded “Oh, no, Skye’s really pretty.”

At least I come by my bluntness honestly,


My Grandma & My Best Friend

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