My Purse Brings The Culture

November 9, 2010


Pursey Galore isn’t just a stay-at-home-dressed-as-dead-rock-icons kind of bag.

She also loves to go out on the town, cultured-style.

So I surprised her with a visit to the Kennedy Center to see Hair.

She let the sun shine in.


Thankfully it was a full house.

Pursey loves the spotlight.

Which is great, considering the disco effect that happens every time light hits her sequins.


What a piece of work is Pursey.


Taking in the Hall of Nations, Pursey contemplated all the countries out there.

Countries she hasn’t visited.

At least not yet.

Pursey’s got big dreams.


Pursey isn’t intimidated by the classiness of the Kennedy Center.

There’s no place too fancy for bathroom photos.



Most of all, Pursey Galore was thrilled with the private conversation she had with JFK.

But then, I expected they would hit it off.

He always had an eye for the pretty ones.

Pursey loved the show so much she wanted to become a hippie

Sadly I don’t own any flower power pins for her transformation,


My Purse Brings The Culture

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