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October 7, 2013

I'm only partially through with this book recommended by @lindseyastin, but enough to declare she has fabulous taste.

Sometimes a book makes me stop reading.

Not because it’s terrible.

Not even because it’s amazing.

Just because I finish it and want to keep reading that same book.

But because I don’t have another space memoir/history of clogging tome/literary novel about cherries available, I can wander away from books.

Book I'm LOVING of the moment.

There are many upsides to my time away from books.

I am almost caught up on How I Met Your Mother.

Only 80% of my body is sore from last weekend’s Zombie 5K.

(Have no fear, a post is coming as soon as I steal the photos.)

My entryway has once again been painted.

(7th time is always the charm, right?)

Starting early on next month's book club selection.  Now to become a magician.

One of the best parts of time away from reading is how exciting it is to get back into it.

Using my new cookbook to entertain myself as I hide from the storm.

And I’m currently enjoying a reading renaissance.

A very lovely lunch.

Aka, books are being moved from my basement’s Piles O’ Unread Books to my living room’s Shelves of Read Books Only, Please.

(My living room is rather formal, yet polite.)

What're you reading today?

It’s an exciting time to be a book owned by me.

What are you currently reading

Would you recommend it?


Read With Me

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