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October 7, 2013

I'm only partially through with this book recommended by @lindseyastin, but enough to declare she has fabulous taste.

Sometimes a book makes me stop reading.

Not because it’s terrible.

Not even because it’s amazing.

Just because I finish it and want to keep reading that same book.

But because I don’t have another space memoir/history of clogging tome/literary novel about cherries available, I can wander away from books.

Book I'm LOVING of the moment.

There are many upsides to my time away from books.

I am almost caught up on How I Met Your Mother.

Only 80% of my body is sore from last weekend’s Zombie 5K.

(Have no fear, a post is coming as soon as I steal the photos.)

My entryway has once again been painted.

(7th time is always the charm, right?)

Starting early on next month's book club selection.  Now to become a magician.

One of the best parts of time away from reading is how exciting it is to get back into it.

Using my new cookbook to entertain myself as I hide from the storm.

And I’m currently enjoying a reading renaissance.

A very lovely lunch.

Aka, books are being moved from my basement’s Piles O’ Unread Books to my living room’s Shelves of Read Books Only, Please.

(My living room is rather formal, yet polite.)

What're you reading today?

It’s an exciting time to be a book owned by me.

What are you currently reading

Would you recommend it?


Read With Me


Lunch time reading! #PoirotNumber11

I have yet to cry in a grocery store in all of 2013.

That is, to say, I’m having quite a good year so far.

I’m also having a year filled with goal making and organization and planning.

(Surprising fact about me – though I’m far too lazy to follow-through with such things, I love making plans.)

(Most of the excitement of said planning comes from the idea of crossing things off a list.)

(I seldom actually get to that stage, but just the idea of list crossing is quite a high.)

Yet, I’ve recently started working toward a goal I believe I can accomplish.

My plan to read every one of Agatha Christie’s novels starring Hercule Poirot.

(I’m well aware this post is jinxing myself.)

(And possibly all of you just by having read it.)

(I’m terribly sorry.)

I’ve mentioned my Poirot goal once or twice in passing, and those of you who follow me on Instagram have surely tired of seeing book covers pass by, but the more I get into it, the more I’m loving it.

Mainly because it’s easy. The Poirots are interesting, fast reads and as I have a lot of built-in reading time in my schedule (hello, hour lunches), I don’t have to prioritize them over other activities.

I started my Christie marathon about six weeks ago and so far have read fourteen novels.

(I admit, I’ve cheated on Agatha a couple of times, but it’s always her that’s been in my heart.)

I’m not setting up a strong deadline for having finished the remaining twenty-three books. Just an idea that when one’s over it’s time for another.

And I’ve also started hoping for suspicious jewelry thefts or kidnapped pet iguanas.

It seems a dreadful waste to not use my new crime-solving abilities.

So if you’ve recently found mysterious, threatening letters on your dashboard, let me know.

I just might be able to crack the case.

(But, on the off chance I don’t, it’s probably also wise to contact the local authorities.)

Wish me luck!

What’s your favorite book series?

I fear having such a regimented reading schedule

Could become addictive,



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How all cool kids spend their Friday nights? Reading on benches, of course.

I love books.

I love their covers and their fonts.

I love seeing them in a color-coordinated row on a bookshelf or in a haphazard pile on the ground.

(Or, often, both, given my large book stash and inability to keep up with shelving needs.)

I love how they feel in my hands and how they look opened on my lap.

I even, occasionally, love reading them.

I love how they teach me lots of words I’d have never known.

(Even though they don’t teach me the correct pronunciation and lead to me looking foolish at parties.)

(Not that mispronunciation is often my first party faux pas.)

(Or, realistically, my second or third.)

Basically, I’m a total book fan.

Yet, I struggle to convey that love with all of you.

I’ve attempted awkward lists.

(See: Three Best Pirate Adventures and  Four True Facts About Canada.)

I’ve attempted traditionally awkward reviews.

(See: A Short History of Nearly Everything Reviewed and Live from New York: A History.)

I’ve attempted recommendations without detail.

(See: I Know I Am But What Are You by Samantha Bee and Dogs and Murder: The Bernie and Chet Mystery Series.)

Yet, today I’ve come up with a new idea of how to share said book love.

I’m going to start a Fake Interviews with Authors I Adore series.

(What could go wrong?)

For example, if I was a fan of John Grisham, our fake interview might go a bit like this:

ME: John, I may call you John, right?

JG: No, silly. I can tell we’re going to be very special friends and all my close friends call me Johnny.

ME: Well, Johnny, let’s just dive right in, shall we? No need to keep you when you’re desperate to get back to your pet orangutan and basket weaving.

JG: Yes, yes – few people realize that nothing settles a mind puzzling over a great crime drama like some peaceful time alone with Tim and my baskets.

ME: Tim’s your orangutan?

JG: Obviously. Try and keep up here.

ME: My apologies. So what caused you to start writing courtroom thrillers?

JG: Now, many people attribute my inspiration to the many years I served as a lawyer.

(Warning: it’s possible that sentence is true in reality.)

JG: But what most fans don’t realize is most of my novels developed from bedtime stories I read to Tim. He’s a huge Perry Mason fan and given my terrible jealousy issues I was desperate to replace Perry in his affections. Everything really snowballed from there.

Then I would ask more questions based on knowledge of his books. Sadly, I’ve never read a John Grisham novel, so our interview must be postponed indefinitely.

But stay tuned, ’cause completed fake interviews with authors I adore are coming your way.

Assuming I can get them on the fake phone, that is.



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