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January 23, 2013

Woot America. #Inauguration

I have lived in the DC Metro area for twenty-five years and not once have I gone to a Presidential Inauguration.

(I’ve never been up the Washington Monument either, but baby steps.)

Presidential Inauguration 2013

This was also true of Lindsey and Skye, so on Monday we Metro’d to the mall and watched our first ever fake Presidential oath.

(I’d have preferred my first to be real, but waiting four years seemed far too likely I’d end up not going ’cause of laziness.)

(Evidence: while at the Inauguration we discovered that each of the three of us had, the night before, considered how nice it would be to sleep in and had almost cancelled.)

Presidential Inauguration 2013

Most event crowd shots tend to capture hundreds of people raising their cameras and cell phones into the air, also trying to capture crowd shots.

The Inauguration crowd was all holding up American flags.

(It was rather nice.)

Presidential Inauguration 2013

As we walked down the Mall after the Inauguration ended and before we realized they’d somehow erected barricades on every single street and we’d have to walk for two hours before finding a place to eat and a way home, while we were still innocent and only a bit cold, Lindsey asked if we could now claim to have seen Beyonce in concert.

And I answered yes.

And as the official concert seeing arbiter, my word is final.

Presidential Inauguration 2013Presidential Inauguration 2013

I fear there’s a severe shortage of jumbo screens.

‘Cause of all the events I’ve attended on the National Mall, this by far had the fewest.

But it also had the loudest speakers.

So I was still satisfied.

Presidential Inauguration 2013Presidential Inauguration 2013Presidential Inauguration 2013

This guy was the first to give a speech.

He’s probably a famous politician.

But, well, I’m rather ignorant and have no idea who he is.

But his speech about America and democracy and the Capitol dome?

Made me tear up a little.

(I’m secretly rather sappy.)

(Plus, name checking Lincoln never hurts with me.)

Presidential Inauguration 2013

I have never been to an event on the Mall when they didn’t pan to the crowd on the jumbo screen.

And I’ve never had the crowd shown that some stranger around me didn’t make a joke about seeing herself on it.

(It’s the little routines that bring comfort.)

Presidential Inauguration 2013

Have I mentioned there were a lot of flags?

Presidential Inauguration 2013

And people.

There were a lot of people.

Presidential Inauguration 2013

And there was Anderson Cooper.

(He’s the sexy one.)

(If you couldn’t tell.)

And this has nothing to do with the Inauguration. But I have a deep love for AutoTune the News, and feel I must spread that love to all.





Christmas #ExcitedFace with Cousin Ben!Merry Christmas Cracker Crowns!Annual Robby's Christmas Party photo with Heather!Seeing White Christmas @ the Kennedy Center!

On Christmas Eve I found myself driving my not-quite-having-4-wheel-drive car up a mountain covered in icy slush.

This was relatively horrifying, and made all the more so by the staggering number of cars that had simply stopped in the road, presumably stuck.

Had I known the weather conditions I wouldn’t have ventured out, but I was headed to my mom’s for her annual Christmas Eve dinner with my cousin Ben and Skye and the journey, before leaving, seemed worth it.

I, obviously, survived the trip.

(As did Ms. Dr. Chevy Lumina.)

(I know you were worried.)

But to stop myself from having a panic attack while alone in my car, I kept focusing on what an amazing holiday season this has been.

Despite the fact that I’m still embroiled in moving and painting and discovering I need to throw away oh-so-many things, and that this has resulted in a rather shortened Christmas lead-in and no Christmas tree to speak of, I’ve managed to fit in time spent with all the people I love.

And I have so much to share. Hilariously awkward group photos from Robby’s Annual Christmas Party. Adorable cookie and fudge baking. Presents exchanged and presents given and then taken back to be finished because I’m dreadful at deadlines. And my cousin being the first person to ever call me morbid.

This Christmas really was all about the #ExcitedFace.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

How was your Christmas?

I’d truly love to hear,


An Awkwardly #ExcitedFaced Christmas


Les Mis

45 minutes before the show was to start, I found street parking along Connecticut Avenue and hoofed my way to outside the theatre.

Texting my friend, I discovered they were walking from dinner and still at least ten minutes away.

Which would normally not be a problem.

But I’d just sat in rush hour traffic for an hour and a half.

And, well, I had to pee.

And my ticket was leisurely walking past the National Zoo.

And the event organizers had put out a freaking red carpet.

At the end of which stood a photographer, snapping pics of everyone who walked upon it.

(I did not want to be such a person.)

(I especially didn’t want to be such a person who got turned away at the door and had to walk back down the red carpet.)

Thankfully, the theatre had two sets of doors, so I oh-so-casually walked up to the right set and pulled, only to discover they were locked.

I then oh-so-casually pretended to not be trying to break into the theatre and frowned at my phone, as though to suggest to viewers that some event organizer had told me to check the doors and wasn’t that person silly.

I awkwardly hunched outside, as it was also a cold night and I wasn’t wearing stockings. Or a winter coat. Or socks. Or a hat or scarves or a dress with material that wasn’t thin cotton.

(In my defense, I stole the dress from Skye, so who’s really to blame here?)

Then I girded my loins and strode for the red carpet, where I figured it just looked like the photographer was memorializing everyone but surely was only taking the photos of the hoity-toity important guests.

(This was wishful thinking on my part.)

Les Mis

Cringing at the photographer, which I’m sure resulted in a #sexyface photo, I scurried past the woman standing at the door and walked into the lobby.

I was relieved to have passed one gate without having to explain my lack of a ticket.

(Or, for that matter, the name of the person who’d purchased said ticket.)

Les Mis

I then realized there was no easy access to a bathroom from the lobby and I’d have to pass the second row of doorways, all guarded by well-dressed women wearing important-looking lanyards.

So I re-girded and strode forward.

And in a surprising twist, none of those girls stopped or questioned me.

I had, in my pee-induced panic, forgotten my superpower, which is that I have such a fear of breaking rules and getting in trouble that you can tell from looking at me that I’m rather a coward and thus I never arouse suspicion.

This seldom comes in handy, as I truly can’t stand the idea of breaking rules or getting in trouble, but for the sake of my bladder, it was quite a useful tool that night.

I may or may not have just accidentally snuck into a fancy movie premier and now be standing weirdly alone in the lobby. #InsideMyAwkwardnesMeterIsScreaming

However, after I asked other employees for the location of the restroom and availed myself of its services, I was once again trapped in awkwardness.

For no one else was standing about the lobby – everyone who entered went straight to their seats or upstairs to the lounge.

No one else except me.

Les Mis

And I may have underestimated the fanciness of the dress code.

Which only made me feel more ill-at-ease and made it seem more likely my rather un-explainable presence would be questioned.

Yet, waiting there, pretending once more to be having a rather exaggerated-face-expression-inducing text conversation, seemed preferable to walking back down the red carpet, which I would eventually be forced to once again walk up.

(I can now know what I’ve always expected to be true – red carpets suck.)

(At least for the awkward amongst us.)

Les Mis

In explanation of how I came to be at such an event, I have a friend and this friend loves Les Miserables.

That friend loves Les Mis so much that last Wednesday evening, I was invited to join my friend and a larger group of friends to see the new Les Mis movie at the Uptown Theatre in D.C.

I was the only member of the group who had an average amount of affection towards the show.

(It was an early showing to benefit Woodley House, which provides housing and services for the mentally ill.)

Due to my average amount of affection, I didn’t take off work early and thus missed the pre-showing dinner.

(Two of the group members didn’t need to take off work early, as they’d flown in for the show.)

(From Brazil.)

(And Sydney.)

(Told you they were fans.)

But the fan from Sydney had an extra ticket so had invited me to join along with the Les Mis obsessed group and thus I found myself at an event which provided free popcorn.

(There was also free soda and water.)

(But I couldn’t get a stealthy photo of them.)

And if there’s anything that makes up for shaming yourself in public, it’s free popcorn.

Les Mis

And a rather lovely movie.

Which, if you enjoy musicals?

I certainly recommend.

It’s gorgeous.

And though I didn’t sob like my companions,

It’s also quite well done.

In case you were wondering how these crazed Les Mis fans met

It was through the movie’s IMDB page message boards



I’m just lucky it wasn’t a scam to murder me,


The Awkwardest of Les Miserables Viewings