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Grandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's HomeGrandma's Home

Spending a couple of days at my Grandma’s house brought home quite a few lesson.

Lessons like:

1. Jello used to require recipe books.

2. If you’re ever putting away your fifth set of dishes, you might want to reconsider your place setting requirements.

3. Finding VHS tapes of my childhood is both sweet and incredibly frustrating.

4. There must have, at some point in time, been a run on suitcase locks. Or my Grandma, who didn’t fly until her 60s and only ever then for her yearly visit, had no valid explanation for the thirty locks and keys she owned.

5. If you have a clock that chimes every 15 minutes and a clock that chimes every hour, you should make those two clocks tell the same time.

6. Some clocks can be stopped from chiming by removing their battery.

7. Just because an appliance is adorable and old doesn’t mean it works well.

8. It does, however, mean I’ll want to own it. (I’m looking at you, Waring blender.)

9. And then my mom will talk me out of bringing home the standing Edison fan.

10. And I will be sad. And self-regulated breeze-less.

If only my new place

Came with a standing fan closet

I could have won that argument



10 Lessons from My Grandma’s House


Hi! Skye here.

Skye mustache Or this stranger with a mustache.

It has long been my dream to hijack Megan’s blog for a day, but I suffer from a very severe case of laziness/procrastination.

(It’s just one of the many reasons we’re friends.)

Did you know that Sunday (December 9) was Megan’s 27th birthday?

(You might have known that on Sunday if I’d finished this post on time, but let’s not think about that.)

Megan's 26th birthday Last year’s traditional birthday Shirley Temples (This year I went rogue and had sangria.)

In honor of this occasion, I’m sharing some of my very favorite things about Megan!

1. She shares her family with me.

The REAL Seamstress Her mom actually calls us “my girls”. Isn’t that sweet?

2. She’s helped me move too many times to count, painted my room with me, and even finished painting without me. I repeat, Megan painted my trim alone, without complaint. More than once.

Painting Skye's Room

(Clearly I owe her, and therefore I will not complain about the many coats of paint I will help slather on her many, many walls.)

3. She came to doctor’s appointments and treatments with me when I had cancer.

Skye surgery Who else would climb into my hospital bed and cheer me up with a CJane video?

(By the way, you readers were amazing in your comments on those posts. Thank you so, so much for your kind words. I still go back and read them.)

4. She documents my life for me, both on this blog and in her amazing Project Life album.

Because I’m even lazier and more behind at my own documentation.


5. There are so many things Megan has brought to my life that now I can’t imagine living without.

Like blogs.

And scrapbooking.


And petsitting Pearl and Monroe.

Pearl and Monroe

And silly photo shoots.

Pal'n Around

Photo on 2010-12-25 at 21.30

And one-day NYC road trips.

Project Life Week Nine

And Tuesday night variety shows.


And Black Friday shopping.


And New Year’s parties.


And being friends with Sharon.

Christmas 2011 Sharon’s the normal one. Obviously.

And being friends with Lindsey, Anna, Jeff, and Meredith. (Yep, I stole all those friends, too.)

holiday photo shoot 2011 Once again, we are the ones making weird faces. (And yes, I selected a photo with Allison but not Meredith. Just to confuse you.)

6. Finally, Megan and I share many strange habits and phobias, such as checking under the bed for murderers, avoiding death on bridges, and giving each other our passwords in case we die.

(Therefore allowing me to write this post.)

(Although I still had some issues logging in, explaining why this post was not up on Megan’s actual birthday and why I had to send her an embarrassing email ruining the surprise. Sigh.)

Skye's important passwords These are my important passwords. I gave them to Megan the night before my cancer surgery. For some reason, her mom seemed to think this was morbid when it was clearly HILARIOUS.

I’m not sure whether this has ever been shared, but during the fall of our senior year of high school, we decided to take out a senior ad together in the yearbook. Except we hadn’t been friends long enough to rack up a list of inside jokes, so we just made them up.

Megan & Skye senior ad Please don’t ask. We don’t understand it, either.

I can’t believe we’ve known each other for almost ten years! Megan, I hope you had a very happy birthday. I love you!

Megan's 27th birthday Megan’s birthday sleepover last weekend

I also love that she has a tag called “Skye Rocks My Socks”

What’s your favorite thing about Megan?


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Happy Birthday, Megan! (A Post by Skye)


26 Goals - See 26 Theatre Shows

Remember, many moons ago, when I decided the most productive use of my time, as a rather awkward and deeply lazy gal, was to make a series of unreachable goals, all including the number 26, which I vowed to complete by my 27th birthday?

And I did it!

(Not all 12 goals, that is.)

(Just one.)

(Oh, and I decided one was silly, so am only now aiming for 11.)

(Well, 10, now.)

(Next year I’m going to have a goal to be more succinct and understandable.)

(But don’t get excited, ’cause I probably won’t reach it.)

Seeing The Lion in Winter. (Aka, checking out my aunt's fabulous stagecraft.)The best part of intermission? Eavesdropping on the people behind you. (Unless you're in London. Then it's ice cream.)Saw Shatner's World final performance on Broadway. It was Shatner-y. NYC #roadtripIntermission at Peter and the Starcatcher. My pre-review is it's AHmazing. You should all totally see it.Intermission at South Pacific at Wolf Trap. I now have an overwhelming urge to adopt 1940s Army nurse fashion.Intermission at A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway. I have a sneaking suspicion things are gonna get sadder. #nyc #theatreBring It On Intermission Review: fun fun fun. And the dancing thrills.Only at intermission, but I'm already comfortable declaring - One Man, Two Govnors is officially the best show I've seen on #broadway this year.Local theatre performance of Pirates of Penzance. Let's see if this guy's Major-General Song can compete with mine :)And my Broadway playbill lap shots continue. #theatreSeeing Late Nite Comic in Maryland. Mainly 'cause my friend Ashley's in it. But also 'cause it's going to be awesome. #26Goals #TheatreAnd now for some Gorilla Theatre. (aka, I have no idea what's about to happen.)Seeing The Lyons on Broadway. I love humorous deaths, so fingers crossed.James Earl Jones, John Larroquette, Kristin Davis, & John Stamos were all awesome. But my heart still belongs to Angela.Seeing Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson @ Studio Theatre. I'm most excited for the bloodletting.Just saw Freud's Last Session off-broadway. If you enjoy dry religious debated discourse, you should check it out. (For the record, I totally do.)Seeing Don't Dress For Dinner on Broadway. (Squee of joy obvious yet silent.) #26goals #theatreTheatre time! (Local production of Pride and Prejudice)Seeing Leap of Faith on #broadway.Seeing a play about the apocalypse and the Simpsons. I can feel your excitement for me. #theatreThe saddest part of a show? Remembering I have to drive home after. (And the last act cat murder.)Just saw a comedic musical based on Silence of the Lambs. If you enjoy horror-based humor, I highly recommend it.Nothing says panic attack like waiting in line at TKTS. #nycYou know who's a pretty good actor? Alan Rickman. #TrueStory

I have seen 26 theatre shows in the past year.

11 were on Broadway. 7 included attempted murder. 5 starred people I know. 11 were musicals. 7 were local productions. 2 included magic. 9 different people accompanied me to various performances. 5 were based on a movie. 1 starred Angela Lansbury. All were a lovely way to spend an evening.

The Who’s Tommy•Rabbit HoleA Lion in Winter•Shatner’s World•Home Games•Don’t Dress for Dinner•Seminar•Late Nite Comic•A Streetcare Named Desire•Peter and the Starcatcher•Leap of Faith•One Man, Two Guvnors•Pride and Prejudice•Pirates of Penzance•Xanadu•South Pacific•The Lyons•Freud’s Last Session•Suicide, Incorporated•9 to 5•Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play•Phantom of the Opera•Silence! the Musical•The Addams Family•The Best Man•Bring It On

I completely adored 7.

I did not at all enjoy 3.

But I’m glad I saw them all.

Of all that I saw

Peter and the Starcatcher is still on Broadway

And comes highly recommended

By me

In case that wasn’t clear,



26 Goals Collage For my 26th year of existence, I decided to achieve 26 goalsSeeing 26 Theatre Shows; Play 26 Board Games; Try 26 New Recipes; Read 26 Books; Watch 26 TV Shows; Have 26 Photo Shoots; Take 26 Day Trips; Watch 26 Classic Movies; Organize 26 Parts of My Life; Try 26 New Things; Finish 26 Craft Projects; Visit 26 Museums



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p.s. Don’t be confused by the photos – I was a bad blogger and don’t quite have a picture to go with every show. Plus, 26 photos would lead to a lopsided collage, so it’s clearly for the best.

And Then I Saw Twenty-Six Theatre Shows