Skye rocks my socks

Virginia, you're so pretty. #EpicRoadTrip

Skye has gone, possibly forever, but before she left we took one last road trip.

We went down to visit her dad’s family in the mountains of North Carolina.

Entering North Carolina #excitedface! #EpicRoadTrip

Roughly here.

This was quite exciting for me, as I’ve never actually spent any time in what could be considered “the country.”

After my week, I can assure you – where Skye’s family lives is the country.

My dream of becoming a bathroom sign remains plausible. #EpicRoadTrip

While road tripping, always make time to imitate bathroom doors.

(Road tripping, like acid tripping, is about the little moments.)

(Or so I’ve heard.)

(Or just made up because I’ve actually never heard someone describe their experience acid tripping.)

(I need to get out more.)

Stop! It's carrot time. #EpicRoadTrip

It’s equally important to make time for carrots and hummus.

(Only if said carrots are the grown-up variety cut into – rectangular boxes.)

(Baby carrots are from the devil.)


Success! #EpicRoadTrip

One of the best parts of traveling with Skye is that we’re on the same page.

As in, we both wanted to stop the car so we could get out and take official arrival photos when we turned here, onto her family’s drive-way.

(What is an arrival without a photo?)

(We’ll never know because there’ll be no evidence to analyze.)


Skye's Grandma is thrilled to meet me, as you'd imagine. #epicroadtrip

Skye’s Grandma Mary was not on the same page, photo-wise.

I tricked her into happiness with my strawberry joke. #epicroadtrip

Though, in her defense, there were many, many photos taken.

(And she’s really incredibly sweet.)

We went hiking on Skye's family's land. I found a new mushroom friend. #epicroadtrip

We went for walks on the family land.

And, one exciting night, Skye’s uncle drove us around the property while we photographed everything from the back of his pickup truck.

(It was like a country music video.)

(Only with no cowboy hats or bars.)

(Or large groups of young, attractive dancers or spotlights.)

(Or the ocean or mason jars or tractors.)

(So maybe it was nothing like a country music video, now that I think about it.)

Being introduced to the joys of buffet food, southern style. #EpicRoadTrip

Skye’s family introduced me to the exciting eating revolution of buffet restaurants.

My introduction to buffet restaurants continues. #epicroadtrip

Don’t be confused, this is an entirely different buffet restaurant.

They’re everywhere.

(And they do have surprisingly good rolls.)


When not learning that there is a more country version of y’all, we got in some sightseeing.

Exclamation Point #excitedface! #epicroadtrip

Aka, I stood in nature and made an #ExcitedFace.

Chimney Rock #excitedface. #epicroadtrip

Just so many #ExcitedFaces.


Some starring elevation signs.

Tubing time! #epicroadtrip

We also went tubing on a river.

In our two hours of floating we saw not a single other person.

And I got stuck on a rock 4 times.

(Tubing, I’m more incompetent at it than you’d think.)

(Unless you know me.)

(Then I’m probably the same incompetence-level you’d assume.)

I may or may not be on a trolley tour. #epicroadtrip

We ignored Skye’s cousin’s warning of Asheville catering itself to hippies and spent a day taking a trolley tour.

All I remember of Asheville is it’s where Zelda Fitzgerald died in a tragic fire and Nina Simone studied the piano.

And some famous pilot jokingly pretended to fly into city hall after some world war.

(I’m not the best touree.)

Apple pie beignets, I adore you.

And, while visiting the Apple Festival in nearby Hendersonville, I ate these apple beignets.


Apple beignets?

I adore you.

I miss you.

You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.

And then we drove home and stopped at the frontier museum in Southern Virginia and decided we were too cheap to go in so instead spent an hour reading about the creepy building next door which used to be an insane asylum run by the one of the main Americans who argued for eugenics.

And so a quality road trip was had by all,


Road Tripping, From Acid to Insane Asylums


Skye is Gone, Maybe Forever

September 23, 2013

The farewell.

You guys remember Skye, right?


Well, Skye is leaving.


(Or for a school year.)

(Whichever ends first.)

See, Skye has been accepted into the French government’s teaching program.

And said teaching will take place in Martinique.

(Did you guys know Martinique was part of France?)

(Because I did not.)

(Though my adjustment period to telling Skye she’d met a dashing Frenchman and adopt a Caribbean life was rather quick.)

So now I need to discover how much shipping to Central America costs.

And whether sending puppies is considered thoughtful or a customs violation.

And if my love of handwritten letters can overcome my innate laziness.

And start reading Julia Child so I’ll be fully prepared to cook for Skye’s future husband on their biyearly American visits

(I like to plan ahead),


Skye is Gone, Maybe Forever


PSYCH NIGHT margaritas!

One afternoon, while we were seniors in high school, Skye tried to get into her mom’s car.

Sadly, though, she forgot she was too powerful to attempt such a thing and pulled the car door handle right off.

This might have become a vague memory if it weren’t for her mom’s reaction, which was shockingly serious anger.

She yelled at Skye, saying she knew better than to use all of her “brute strength” on the innocent door handle.

And though Skye defended herself, her mom never gave in, always claiming that Skye was, in fact, to blame for HandleGate, as I just realized we should call it.

Last week, Skye & I gathered at my mom’s house for our weekly Psych Night.

(It was the second said weekly gathering this year.)

(We’re easily distracted.)

After eating the veggies my mom had grilled and before watching Shawn and Gus solve a murder in a Victorian mansion, Skye shared her exciting news of the day.

And I marched her outside for a photo shoot.

Skye's Brute Strength

For, on that day, Skye’s brute strength struck again.

And her innocent door handle paid the price.

It turns out Skye’s mom was correct all those years ago.

Skye’s brute strength is a danger to us all.

Skye's Brute Strength

And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t fix the door handle Skye’s brute strength had destroyed.

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Skye’s Brute Strength Takes Down Yet Another Victim