Traditions are a good tradition

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Three years ago, Skye hand painted a Christmas canvas for the white elephant gift exchange at Robby’s Christmas Party.

It went, well, not well.

(If you follow.)

Then, last year, she decided to forfeit handmade and instead brought a fancy copy of The Dark Knight, a seemingly unstoppable crowd favorite.

It, too, went poorly.

So there was some excitement (in my mind) for this year’s gift exchange.

Skye brought some popcorn and spy glasses and a copy of the movie Unknown.

(It wasn’t a spy movie, the glasses were unrelated – a superpower extra, if you will.)

She’d quite liked the movie and who can argue with buttery food?

(No one, presumably.)

So we sat in a circle and Robby explained the rules and gifts were picked and ooh’d and ah’d over and finally someone picked up Skye’s present.

The best part of the annual opening of Skye’s provided present is the first sentence uttered.

The past two years have seen the amazing combination of “what does it do?” and “oh my gosh, I don’t want this.”

This year the recipient was Sarah, and she opened Skye’s gift saying, “Oh, a DVD, I can’t watch this.”

Not that Unknown is beyond her sensibilities, or that she’s going on an electronics hiatus for the coming year, but Sarah is our friend who moved to Japan.

Where she lives with her Japanese computer and Japanese DVD player and can only watch DVDs that are regional to Japan.

It’s okay though, because she was the last trade and thus was able to force it upon someone else.

(Who, as it turns out, was Skye herself.)

But the curse of Skye’s present continues.

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

I was able to snag one of the gifts from Sarah and her boyfriend and thus got amazing, Japanese goodness in my bag.

So it was a banner gift exchange year for me.

And for Skye, there’s always next year.

Apparently I don’t have any good photos of Skye opening gifts


That first photo

Is possibly the only side picture of me

Without a triple chin

Ever taken

So there was no way it wasn’t being shared with the world,


Awkward Gift Exchange, Year Three


Christmas Party, Take Ten

January 7, 2013

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Robby’s Christmas Party has inspired many stories.

Like how my phone mocked my accent last year.

Or the year Bob proposed, I fell asleep in the dining room, and I learned Santa hats get quite warm.

It also is a tradition.

Like my yearly photo with Rosemary.

(If you were wondering where the classy came from, it’s the antlers.)

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

This year we were treated to a slideshow of previous party pictures.

(It was alliterative and enjoyable!)

(Bet you thought I was gonna say awesome.)


Though none of my photos were included.

‘Cause I’ve been too lazy over the past decade to remember to share any.

(Next decade, I promise.)

(Or, at least, the one after that.)

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Ain’t no party like a gathered-in-the-kitchen-looking-at-old-photos-on-Robby’s-laptop party!

(What what!)

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

This girl hasn’t made a Christmas Party in years and years.

But it’s ’cause she moved to Japan, so we forgive her.

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Did you think I only made Rosemary take one photo per year?

‘Cause while that might be her dream, the reality is there are roughly 100 photos taken.

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Skye approves.

(And creepily photo bombs.)

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

Though we were already the life of the party, given that we both had Christmas presents we were frantically working on.

(Robby always holds his party on December 23rd.)

(It’s a crunched time.)

Oh, and the antlers.

We were mainly the life of the party because of the antlers.

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

And the high fiving.

Robby's Christmas Party 2012

As usual, it seems the Christmas season just flew by

But I know that before I know it

I’ll be sitting in Robby’s parents’ living room again

And I’ve already thought of the perfect gift for the white elephant exchange

I can’t wait,



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Christmas Party, Take Ten


Party Like It’s 1415!

October 26, 2012

Happy St. Crispin's Day!

Giant clown heads are the way to go.

At least, that was our consensus as we watched the Food Network’s Halloween Wars in our hotel room a few weeks ago.

“Of course, it’s Sunday,” I exclaimed upon finding the program on, “it’s just like being back in college.”

Lindsey’s confused reaction led to my remind that junior year of college, every Sunday she would come to my dorm room and we’d sit on my dark wooden floor and watch whatever cake competition was on that week.

Her response?

“Wait, that happened on Sundays?”

Apparently, Lindsey had never even realized our gatherings were the tradition I made them in my mind.

But that’s the awesome thing about tradition – you can just sneak it into regular life.

Such was my plan when I invited Lindsey over for my 1st Annual St. Crispin’s Day Party.

I would have invited more people, but Skye had class and I only thought of the party at the end of the day.

(Also: laziness.)

Don’t worry, I didn’t actually make us read Henry V.

"For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother"

Instead, we watched Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V on Netflix.

(Living on the wild side, as we do.)

Aside from showcasing Gilderoy Lockhart, the movie also contains Emma Thompson, Judi Dench, and a rather young Christian Bale.

Though any party is complete after a rousing rending of Shakespeare’s St. Crispin’s Day Speech, the fun didn’t end there.

I also had Lindsey read aloud Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade and Kipling’s Last of the Light Brigade.

She did so in male, British accents, as one would expect.

Because we know how to party.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful tradition,


Party Like It’s 1415!