The 3 Surprises of Painting

August 16, 2011

Painting Skye's Room

Notice how bright it was when we started?

Skye’s moving.

Which can only mean one thing – physical labor.

There’s the packing and the carrying and the unpacking.

And this time there’s the painting.

Though I’ve painted plenty of rooms, every time is shocking.

For every time, I forget just how hard it is.

(I’m not that bright.)

Then I’m unpleasantly reminded by the

3 Surprises of Painting.

Painting Skye's Room

There's also the dismantling of the windows. You know, if you're into such things.

1. You’ve Forgotten Supplies

I always forget just how much stuff you need to paint.

Like hammers. And screwdrivers. And scrapers.

Each of which we’d forgotten and had to scramble around to locate.

And that’s not even talking about actual painting tools.

Or the lighting required for adequate photography.

Which is, as you all know, essential.

Painting Skye's Room

Notice how dark it was by this step?

2. You’re Not Ready to Paint

Do you think you’re prepared to start painting?

Well, you’re wrong.

(And that was obviously a trick question, poorly done you.)

First you have to carry everything out of the room.

Then you have to delicately place it all in the hallway, perfectly cutting off your means of escape.

Then there’s laying the drop cloth and washing the walls and discovering that the area where a border had been is covered in stickiness so there’s calling your mom to find out what to do and then spending an hour breathing in vinegar fumes and then, finally, the taping.

And after that, there’s going to be painting.


Painting Skye's Room


3. You’re Going to Get Gooey

This might seem intuitive.

But it’s not until you’re actually covered in paint, finding pieces on your clothes and in your hair and, surprisingly, on your eyelid, that it sinks in.

Painting just isn’t for the weak.

Or for people with enough money and sense to pay others

But I clearly wouldn’t fit in that category,


The 3 Surprises of Painting

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