The Dreadful Surprises of Moving

August 30, 2011

Dreadful Surprises of Moving

This is what my happy face looks like at the end of a moving day.

I feel as though I could conquer a small, totalitarian government.

That’s the strength I’ve received from Skye and Lindsey’s recent move.

First there was the painting.

Then, well, there was more painting.

Then we destroyed a dresser with our bare hands.

(And a little help from a sledgehammer and axe.)

And you might have thought our moving surprises were over.

You’d be wrong.

‘Cause you clearly haven’t considered the surprise inherent in discovering…

Moving, Day 1

Remember childhood, when surprises were happy things? Like snow days?

That the kitchen isn’t packed.

At all.

Though that does mean there’s plenty of alcohol within easy reach, so there are upsides.

Or discovering…

Moving, Day 1

Strong swong - who can't carry a sofa down three flights of stairs?

That the two guys able to move the heavy furniture are bailing.


And one of them is seriously considering setting the filled truck on fire.

Or discovering…

Car Breakdown

Silly, silly automobiles.

That while we were all busy with moving, Anna’s car was busing trying to commit suicide.

Car Breakdown

Doesn't she look like she's saying "howdy, neighbor"? Just me?

I hope nobody I know moves for at least another few months.

‘Cause I’m just not sure how many more surprises I can take.

I hope my new totalitarian regime has universal health care

Because carrying all those boxes really isn’t good for the back,


The Dreadful Surprises of Moving

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