When Boulders Attack

September 28, 2011

Boulder Incident

Boulders are dangerous.

At least, according to this sign located near a local restaurant.

As Skye and I sat outside, waiting for our names to be called, many people walked past the boulders and past the numerous signs warning of their danger.

Boulder Incident

 Not a single person injured themselves in a tragic rock accident.

And perhaps more surprisingly, no one else seemed to find the signs ridiculous.

Boulder Incident

Skye and I felt they were at least silly enough to necessitate a photo shoot.

Boulder Incident

Which, surprisingly, the crowds did seem to find ridiculous.

Silly crowds, that’s obviously astute social commentary right there.

Or at least a great use of five minutes and a boulder.

I’m just as embarrassing in person as you’d expect,


When Boulders Attack

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