Awkwardly Project Life, Week Two

January 30, 2012

 Becky Higgins Project Life

Yes, I’ve managed to stick to doing Project Life for two whole weeks.

Though I’m still two weeks behind, so not quite as impressive as I’d hoped.

But I did include my first full 4×6 photo this week, in case you’d feared all the excitement and milestones were behind us.

Becky Higgins Project Life

I hope you enjoy my theme – family visits and texts to Lindsey clarifying a fox’s level of sexiness.

(It’s always important to have a theme.)

Becky Higgins Project Life

My second addition to the Embarrassing-Scrapbooking-Foibles section.

(For the second week in a row, I hadn’t noticed the error myself until Skye pointed it out.)

(Why I don’t have Skye edit my journaling before I commit it to my pages is unknowable.)

(Except that would require me pre-writing down my journaling and I’m terribly lazy.)

(So somewhat knowable.)

Becky Higgins Project Life

As I didn’t take nearly enough family photos of us sitting around doing crossword puzzles and eating, I added an insight into my everyday routine.

Then I realized I might have issues with meal planning.

And sleep.

But I already knew that.

Becky Higgins Project Life

I added a new journaling section this week, Stalking Loved Ones.

(I only stalk ’cause I love.)

(And because your life is at least marginally more interesting than mine.)

Becky Higgins Project Life

I probably should have shared the date card at the beginning of this post.

But I’m just wild and unpredictable like that.

And I’m far too lazy to change photo order now.

Becky Higgins Project Life

Have I told you lately that I hate glitter?

A hatred that is balanced by my love of stalking woodland creatures.

Making that my second stalking reference in a single post.

(I’m going for the title this year.)

(Which I hope comes with a belt, ’cause I’ve always thought I’d look fabulous in belts.)

(They just seem like they would take so much effort to buy.)

(And then wear.)

(And then make sure they aren’t hanging around, just waiting to be used by an intruder/serial killer.)

(You never know.)

Becky Higgins Project Life

And thus was #ExcitedFace immortalized forever.

Or at least until my kids throw this album in a landfill, after realizing that the key to happiness is freedom from material possessions.

Becky Higgins Project Life

And the Lincoln quotes just keep on coming.


I’m quite proud of myself for having finished week two

Though, no, I haven’t started week three yet

Get off my back, okay?

You imaginary responders, always demanding so much,



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Awkwardly Project Life, Week Two

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