I Jumped… But Then I Fell Down

October 10, 2011


Nothing says fall more than jump, jump, jumping around.

At least, nothing other than burying your acorns for the coming winter, wearing a sweater with gourd appliqués or putting your dog in a Scooby Doo costume.

(At which point, it’s his responsibility to find an old, evil man and stop him from getting away with it.)

(Then it’ll be your responsibility once again, to hand out snacks.)

(With Scooby Doo costumes comes great responsibility.)


Last weekend, Skye, Jeff and I knew that to truly enjoy autumn, we must find a large, bouncy platform and scare all the nearby children.

Thankfully, Jeff knew just the place.

The children were provided by strangers, who’ll think twice next time before casually walking onto bouncy platforms.

(We provide both amusement and education.)

(And are currently available for small parties and seances for a nominal fee.)


You might notice that I’m not jumping very high in any of these photos.

(Assuming you’ve been staring at my feet in the previously shown pictures.)

(I assume that’s where you’re staring.)

(I mean, why not? My feet are quite lovely.)

(My mom told me so.)

(At least, she probably did when I was a baby.)

(People are suckers for baby appendages.)


I wasn’t avoiding high jumps out of lack of desire, but rather out of lack of ability.

That’s because when I jump, the results tend to look like this.


And this.


And this.


And this.


Though this was just me getting off the bouncy platform, so totally doesn’t count as a fall.

I asked Chris to take photos since he was unwilling to join us and bounce

When I walked back and he returned my camera

He handed it over, saying “I tried to capture every time you fell”

Well done Chris

Well done,


I Jumped… But Then I Fell Down

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